from Process engineering to Conceptual design to Basic engineering to Project management

Process Engineering:

In this initial step, we analyze the clients requirements and determine the required components and necessary operational conditions at all stages of their life cycle.

At the customer's request, we also participate in the validation procedure of the equipments.

We acquire and manage all the necessary documents.

Process Engineering

Conceptual Design:

Along with the management of entire plant production process, we also offer the necessary design of entire process system or individual production units and components at customer's request.

Conceptual Design

Basic Engineering:

Keeping in mind the functionality of the required process system, basic engineering is done. The process flow chart tailored to customer’s needs is basic document for developing the system control schemes, the physical sequence of equipments and individual system.

Basic Engineering

Project Management:

An expert's team dedicates itself with high dedication to the turnkey projects even before its installation. In this way, potential process risks are greatly reduced and we find a way to solutions for complex production problems to fulfill all specified customer requirements and to be in accordance with applicable Guidelines, Standards and cGMP.

Project Management

Production at factory Infrastructure:

Our own production and assembly of key process components for entire process systems or individual units at our own factory is another benchmark set by SK.

With 25000 sqft of manufacturing infrastructure, we can challenge production limitations and provide superior compatibility of turnkey process solution anywhere and at anytime all in one place.

Production at factory Infrastructure


SK team of experienced fitters provides assembly and installation and correct execution of the process solution at client location.


Tests and Measurements:

Quality first is SK's ideology. From using quality materials to implementing quality control at all levels of the production system, SK ensures quality output to customers.

We are proud of our achievements, but our benchmark of success is customer satisfaction.

Tests and Measurements

After Sales:

We provide our business partners with:

  • Repair and replacement of component
  • Spare parts for our equipments
  • Support intervention for possible alteration
  • Training for the operation of our plant

After Sales